18 Exclusive Services for Buying Property,
Save Up to 60%

Choose our professional agents, 18 exclusive services help you save up to 60%*


We waive your Lawyer Fees, Home Inspection Fees, Moving Expenses, Cleaning Fees and Title Insurance Premiums


We provide free Heating Inspection, Air Conditioning Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, Pipe Cleaning Service, Lock Change Service, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Select from Lawn Maintenance, Snow Removing Service, Draining System, Roof Repair Service, High-Pressure Water Cleaning, Nest Smart Temperature Control, Plumbing Repair  Service, Security System, Interior Decoration, Renovation Program, Education Consulting and Assistance to upgrade your home value

* Save up to 60% of buyer commission, actual saving depends on services selected

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We will provide you with the most professional advice and tailored buying plan 


Our Expertise

By combining technology and real estate, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive and reliable real estate information, our own in-house brokerage service and other home-related services.

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How It Works

Our professional agents understand your preference and financial status and will help you at every step of the home buying process for your ideal home

Confirm your needs and collect basic information

We will provide reasonable suggestions for your needs and financial status

Find you the best agent

Match your need with the most experienced agent, help you win at every step of the home buying process, you can easily change the agent if you are not satisfied with the service

Prepare detailed listing report and plan showing route

Prepare the listing report with hyperlocal information based on big data, smartly plan your showing route with modern technology and save you time

Real-time listing update

Our smart system helps you find homes best match your needs and send you the information through email or SMS immediately

Make an offer

Our agent will make an offer according to your expectation and negotiate the best deal for you

Arrange service before you firm the deal

We will provide the one-stop solution for arranging all the related services (Mortgage, Lawyer, Home Inspection, etc.) before you can firm the deal

Enjoy aftersale upgrade services and start a new life

We provide upgrade services from renovation, cleaning, moving to maintenance which help you start a new life with big savings

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Improve the way you buy or sell

 We help to connect our clients with the best professionals who can help. We focus on transforming the way people research, purchase and sell properties. It’s our mission to make buying a home or selling a property better, easier, all while saving you time.

One-Stop Solution

Save you time and money with outstanding services

Prepare everything before you start

Tailored plan based on big data

Professional consulting & Select your agent

Understand your need, access your financial level and find you the best agent

Tailored home buying plan

Provide tailored home buying plan based on big data analysis

Real-time Update

Immediately update you with the latest listing that matches your needs

Accurate analysis

Automatically generate appraisal for properties and nail the best timing for home buying in the current market

Supporting Financial Service

Competitive supporting financial service get your approval for mortgages

Serve everything after you settle

After sale services help you build a new life

Lawyer Service

Prepare all the documents and arrange lawyer beforehand

Cost-efficient House inspection & Renovation

Professional house inspection service with a cost-efficient renovation plan

Professional Moving Service

Help you move locally wherever you go

Proficient Cleaning Service

Safeguard your closing and provide you with a warm and clean home

Free Gift

Housewarming gift with best wishes

Value-added Services

Select from a long list of value-added services that level up your new home life