RIFO Tips“Flyer”

Step 1: Flyer Maker

Click on “flyer” in the “home” menu will bring you to the “Flyer maker” home page. 

Step 2: Start Making Flyer

Inside the “Flyer Maker” page, clicking on “Start Making Flyer” will give you three options: “Make from Favorites” ; “Make From Listing” or “Make From Scratch”.

Step 3: Selecting “Make from favorites”

Inside “Start Making Flyer” panel, click on “Make from favorites” to go to the “Favorite” page.

Step 4: Make from favorites

Inside “Make from Favorites”, you can click on the top panel of the page either choose to view “Price: Low to High” or “Price: High to Low”. Agents can adjust their view and make posters according to their own situation. "" indicates listings that are favorite, clicking on ""will unfavorite the listing that you selected.


Clicking on “Share” on the top right corner will bring you to the “Share” view.

Step 5: Sharing “My Favorites”

After getting into the “Share” view, agents can choose which listing to select by clicking individually or click “Select All” on the bottom left corner. After done selecting, click on “share” at the bottom right of the screen to share selected listings to all social media platforms.

Step 6: Make from Listing

Click on “Make from Listing” to go to the “Search” page. 

Step 7: Search from Listing

Inside the “Search” page, Agents can search for a listing by entering “ID number”, “Address” or “City”.   Recently searched result will be saved beneath the “Search History” bar.

Step 8: Make from scratch

Click on “Make from Scratch” to go to the “custom flyer creation” page.

Step 9: Upload photo and Edit Listing Information

Inside the “Make from Scratch” page, click on “Upload photo” to upload photos to the page by taking a picture or select a picture from the device’s photo album. 

Also, click on “Edit house” and "Edit words" to go to the “Edit Listing Information” page. 

Agents are required to fill out the information within the page, after finish filling out the information, click on “Done” on the top right to save the information.