RIFO Meeting Room Arrangement

The use of the meeting room is as follows

1. To book a meeting room, please click on the corresponding meeting room name or picture below;

2. Please book first before using the room. If you have not booked the room, the room can be used only when it is empty without any reservation. Whomever has booked the room has the priority to use the room.

3. Please clean up the whiteboard after use; all tables and chairs that have been moved should be neatly placed back to their original position; Ensure that the tabletop and floor of the conference room are clean without leaving any paper documents or other items; Turn off the light, screen, and projector after use. Please keep the door open when you leave the room.

4. All facilities and equipment in the room are not allowed to be taken out without permission; if you have any questions, please report to the administrative staff in time;

5. Keep the room clean and hygienic. Eating, littering is strictly forbidden;

6. The meeting room is located right beside the company’s operation zone. Please keep quiet when passing through without affecting other office staffs.

7. All the facilities and equipment in the conference room belong to the company. Any damage and compensation will be asked to be paid at the price; it is forbidden to take out any items in the conference room without permission. 

Currently, there are 6 meeting and conference rooms. Please book the room in DingTalk. If you need to book a meeting room, please click the corresponding room name or picture below.